Application Form for Exemplary Teachers of Change (EToC), 2022

Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) is inviting applications for ATL In-charges to nominate themselves and be recognized as an ‘Exemplary Teacher of Change (EToC)'.

ATL In-charges are the backbone who are driving the ATL initiative forward in their school and local community. They are the unsung heroes who deserve every bit of appreciation and encouragement from their students, the school and most importantly the ATL,and AIM team at NITI Aayog. It is for this reason that AIM has initiated a recognition platform for exemplary teachers across ATLs in India. These outstanding ATL in-charges will be called ‘Exemplary Teachers of Change’.
What is an EtoC?:
EToC stands for Exemplary Teachers of Change. These are teachers who demonstrate efficiently on how to operate the ATLs effectively in an outcome oriented manner and help in creating and identifying a sea of innovative talent for architechting the future of our Nation.

The EToCs are recognized at various platforms by AIM and they get an opportunity to feature in an EToC handbook on AIM website and social media handles. EToCs are our representatives and ambassadors in the region and given the opportunity to participate in various initiatives at National and International level. In addition to this, multiple learning opportunities to hone their skills are also entrusted upon them during their association to AIM. The roles and responsibilities of an EToC are as under:
  1. The EToCs first and foremost should continue their work as ATL in-charges with the same zeal and enthusiasm.
  2. Guide and motivate other In-Charges by sharing their ATL experiences and best-practices.
  3. EToCs should become ambassadors for the ATLs challenges, innovation events and encourage participation from the ATLs in their region
  4. Post at least one write-up/ blog/ video on Wall of Fame or on social media by tagging the official AIM handle every quarter by sharing best-practices, technical knowledge and experiences.
Last date to submit entries for the Exemplary Teachers of Change 2022 Application Portal is 10th August 2022
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